Susie and Lee Mirasol – July 21st, 2007; Wood Ranch Golf Club


(All photo credits:  Charles Ng – Time On Film Photography; 626-792-9091)

When I first sat down with Susie and Lee, it was like meeting old friends!

We chatted about how they met, and anything and everything (including golf, “Dancing With The Stars,” the Lakers, and more golf!) for almost two hours.

I learned that they place a high value on their friends and family, and after meeting some of them during our planning session, I knew this was going to be an extraordinary celebration.

One of the many special things they wanted to include in their celebration was their friend Artie’s daughter, Anna Maria, who is a gifted singer, and I was looking forward to hearing her perform.

On Friday afternoon (after pulling the guys off of the golf course, Wood Ranch Golf Club has wonderful food, service, and golf!), I attended their ceremony rehearsal and dinner, and again, got to meet more of their family and friends!  All of them were very excited and happy for Susie and Lee, and they were quite a festive group.

The big day arrived, and as the ceremony began under perfect sunny skies, everyone stood and stared as Susie made her entrance by horse and carriage.  It was truly a magic and fairytale moment, and Anna Maria’s performance of “You Raise Me Up” gave all of us goosebumps.  For their recessional, Susie and Lee joyously exited to James Taylor’s “How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You,” and by the expressions on their faces, they knew.

Their guests relaxed in the foyer while enjoying cocktails and Jazz selections, including some of Lee’s favorites from David Benoit.

Then it was time for the grand entrance, and we planned out some energetic and personalized introductions with custom music!  Their wedding party loved it, and we were off to a great start!


The toasts were special because between the salads and entrée, both of Lee’s daughters gave heartfelt speeches that had many of their guests reaching for their tissues.

At the end of dinner to keep the festive mood going, we surprised (in a good way!) a few of their friends by recognizing their birthdays which were also in July, then everyone had fun with a contest to win the centerpieces on each table!

Then I shared a special introduction for Susie and Lee before their first dance.  They stepped to the dance floor, and with over 200 pairs of eyes on them, Anna Maria took my mic, and sang her heart out.

Wedding of Mirasol, Lee & Susie Wedding 070721

What a wonderful way to begin a marriage!

Susie and her father each prepared some touching, funny, and sentimental dedications to each other before their father/daughter dance, and then it was dance party time!

Wedding of Mirasol, Lee & Susie Wedding 070721

Bryan Adams, ballroom swing, Elvis, the Romantics, Michael Jackson, and other great selections kept everyone on their feet until it was time for a fun and unique cake cutting ceremony.

After that, the ladies really got into it for the bouquet toss and they scrambled after the flowers to “Ladies Night.”

Next, the guys ambled up to the dance floor, and we played a medley of the “Two and a Half Men” TV show theme (one of their favorites!), into “Bad Boys,” (Susie is a Police Dispatcher), into the “NBA theme” for the toss since Lee is a Lakers fan!  I still remember one of their officer friends, “Baby Boy,” who was 6 feet, 5 inches tall…needless to say, he had an unfair advantage to catch the garter!

Before we knew it, 6 hours of celebration, (and 4 hours of open bar!) had passed, and we ended their evening by playing “Hawaiian Wedding Song” with everyone out on the dance floor.  Then all of their friends and family went out front to the foyer for their grand exit to the limo while IZ’s “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” set the stage for their honeymoon in Hawaii.

Oh, and many of their friends also went along with them to Hawaii for more celebrating!

Mr. And Mrs. Susie and Lee Mirasol, it was my honor and pleasure to be a part of your wedding celebration, and please keep in touch.

Best wishes for many Happy Anniversaries…and low, low, golf scores!

One Response to “Susie and Lee Mirasol – July 21st, 2007; Wood Ranch Golf Club”

  1. Susie Mirasol Says:


    Lee and I firmly believe that you are the reason why our wedding was such a fun one! Everytime we have attended a wedding since ours, we always feel so bad for the Bride and Groom because they didn’t have you as their DJ! Because of you, we all had such a great time, so much so that we want to do it again! Remember…we have two daughters who will someday be getting married and in need of a DJ!

    Thanks again for making our special day even more special.

    Lee and Susie Mirasol

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