Stacy and David Saenz – June 14th, 2008; The Intercontinental Hotel, Los Angeles

I met this wonderful couple through their wedding coordinator, Tobey Dodge, and we scheduled a lunch meeting at their hotel.

It was readily apparent that they knew their music, because when they were dating, they used to go out to clubs in San Francisco and stay out dancing until 3 or 4AM! I knew I would have to be on my toes, and we began talking about ways to incorporate their selections to create a loungey, fun, but not a “stuffy” affair.

They wanted all of their guests to enjoy themselves, because most would be travelling from out of town or out of country, and they definitely didn’t want the YMCA, the Macarena, or a corny game show host!

Since they are both busy and successful at their jobs, many emails flew back and forth across the country, and we also had a conference call or two to finalize their details and requests. We ended up with a really cool list of 50’s, 60’s and 70’s tunes, 80’s hip hop, 80’s pop, 80’s hair metal bands, 90’s hip hop, 90’s pop and rock, and some Top 40.

The big day arrived, the ballroom was looking beautiful, and the weather was perfect for their outdoor ceremony! Hearing Stacy and David recite their vows to each other was a highlight that set the tone for their reception celebration.

Suddenly, a Korean drum group signaled to their guests that dinner was next, and everyone followed them into the ballroom for a drum performance that had everyone cheering and applauding!

After a personalized introduction for their parents, I delivered a high energy and custom introduction for their wedding party, and then, with big smiles on their faces, David and Stacy glided into the ballroom to Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight.”

Food was important to them, and the 5 course dinner didn’t disappoint! The socializing vibe included selections from Bocelli, some international and world music, Gypsy Kings, Jazz, and Sinatra.

After the toasts and the entrée, Stacy and David held hands at their family table for their personalized, funny, and touching special introduction before their first dance as husband and wife. Their guests really enjoyed it, and it was my honor to share their story.

Dancing and party time commenced, and I’m not sure who were better dancers….Stacy and her friends, or David and his buddies! We’ll call it a “tie,” as everyone was out on the floor having a blast. I’ll bet there were some sore feet the next morning!

Later on, Stacy and David had their ceremonial cake cutting and gave their “Thank You” toast to all of their friends and family.

Dessert and a cheese course was served, but the dancing kept going strong until midnight, and there was a big, happy group of dancers left on the dance floor when it was time to say “goodnight.”

After their wedding, Stacy and David were off to Italy and Croatia to “eat, drink, be merry, and relax at the beach.”

Just before they got engaged, Stacy and David were living in New York, and they discovered that the city is a great place to be in love…now they are back in the city, living in the West Village, just a few blocks north of the spot where David proposed.

Mr. And Mrs. Saenz, Congratulations!

I know you’ll discover that New York will be a great place to celebrate many future anniversaries.

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