Spencer and Rosalie Hess – June 20th, 2008; Calamigos Ranch

It all began with an email one evening from Rosalie.

I just happened to be sitting at my computer, so I called her back a minute later.  She sounded (pleasantly!) surprised, and a big “Thank You” to my friends at Calamigos Ranch for telling them about my services!

We set up a meeting, and I remember one of the first things Rosalie said to me:  “Thanks for being on time.”  I learned that they were looking for a fun and comfortable wedding, and a great celebration with all of their friends and family.

We reviewed some personalized ideas including their music preferences, (no chicken dance) and chatted about lake arrowhead and big bear…but the whole time, Rosalie seemed a little quiet.  However, the very next day they called to reserve their date, and Spencer told me that when Rosalie is quiet when she first meets someone, that means she likes them….whew!

We kept in touch, and discovered that we had some mutual friends in common (I had DJ’ed Spencers’ Best Mans’ wedding back in 2002), so we were looking forward to a meaningful ceremony, and a reception party.

Their ceremony rehearsal went off without a hitch, and I enjoyed talking with Bryon and Gretchen (Spencer’s Best Man and his wife) and catching up with what was going on in their lives.  I remember that their rehearsal dinner became quite “festive,” and Spencer gave a great toast recognizing and thanking all of their family and friends.  It was obvious that everyone was happy….happy for Spencer and Rosalie, and happy to be together.

On a nice, warm, June evening, their wedding party walked down the aisle to “Only Time” by Enya (which fit perfectly with the outdoor setting), and then Rosalie entered to an Andrea Bocelli selection, and we had perfectly timed it to end as she reached the front row.

For cocktails, Jack Johnson, Norah Jones, Louis Armstrong, and other crooners enhanced the social atmosphere; then their reception began with an energetic bridal party entrance, followed by Spencer and Rosalie dancing their way in!

After dinner, before their first dance, we shared a personalized introduction for Mr. And Mrs. Hess, then they took the dance floor to the sentimental and romantic “You and I” by Michael Buble.  Shortly thereafter, they did a special wardrobe change into more traditional Filipino and Chinese wedding attire.  They both looked ready to dance the night away!

Everyone joined in to disco, funk, Top 40, and a few Latin songs, and I loved playing their requests because we’re all about the same age. Before we knew it, it was time for the grand finale with everyone dancing and singing to “One Love” by Bob Marley, as they were off to their honeymoon in Jamaica, mon.

Mr. And Mrs. Rosalie and Spencer Hess, thanks for being such a fun and easy couple to work with from our first meeting, through the planning stages, and on your wedding day!

If more couples just enjoyed life and each other like both of you do, the world would be a better place.

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