Nicole and Phil Lish – November 28th, 2008; Calamigos Ranch


All photo credits: Roman and Yvette Galvan

I first met Nicole and Phil in July, 2008, at Jerry’s Deli in Marina Del Rey for a dinner date to learn more about their wedding plans, and to see if we had a personality and style match.

After a few minutes, I could see that they were a great couple…Phil was cool, and Nicole was also a Psychology Major, so we were off to a good start!

They were looking for a “relaxed, organized, and comfortable” celebration without any “cheesiness”…but they didn’t want a boring DJ!  Since their wedding date was the day after Thanksgiving and all of their friends and family would be coming into town, they wanted to make sure that everyone would be glad they attended.


We had a match, and in October, we met at Calamigos to plan their timeline, special songs, and discuss some personalized ideas.  We kept in touch via phone and email, and when I received some of their finished “homework,” and as the song lists were finalized, I knew this was going to be an incredible celebration!

Since I was providing the sound and music for their ceremony, I also attended their rehearsal.  It was great to meet their parents, and Nicole’s Uncle Dave who would be officiating their wedding.  I thought that Nicole and Phil looked excited and happy; they didn’t seem nervous, at all.

Custom pre-ceremony and ceremony selections set the tone for a meaningful and emotional ceremony.  I think everyone held it together pretty well until Nicole began walking down the aisle with her father, Steve.


Then Uncle Dave read another personal dedication and tribute, and I, too, had to reach for a tissue.


Cocktails began with Nicole and Phil’s “Beatles Love Mix” of songs that got everyone ready for a unique and unforgettable grand entrance! We also did a special entrance for their wedding party, and everyone loved it!  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:



After dinner, we recognized special milestones for some of their guests, and also explained why there were 1000, hand folded cranes behind their sweetheart table.  Then Phil escorted Nicole to the dance floor, and everyone cheered them on to Billy Joel’s “I Love You Just The Way You Are.”


Next, Phil traded places with Nicole’s father so he could dance with his daughter, and a personalized dedication before their song created this moment:


Dancing requests included classic rock, group “sing a longs,” and the song of the night was “Bro Hymn” for Phil and his buddies, and that brought the house down!


After that, we had to tone things down a bit…LOL.

The evening ended with everyone surrounding Mr. And Mrs. Lish for one last dance, and then it was time to start their married lives together.


I got to know Nicole and Phil very well, and I know they will put in the time and effort for their marriage, just like Nicole did for her softball career, and Phil does at his job.

The best part of the evening was after I had already thanked them and said “goodbye,” and about 15 minutes later, they came up to me, we chatted some more, and gave each other a hug.

Several weeks later, Nicole and Phil’s thank you note arrived in the mail.  They had written many nice things, but most importantly, they stated, “…Our day turned into a great reflection of us.”


That’s what it’s all about.

2 Responses to “Nicole and Phil Lish – November 28th, 2008; Calamigos Ranch”

  1. Look like you had another great wedding! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Joy - Nicole's mom Says:

    Everyone, I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful that day was for all our family and friends. All I can say was that it was everything I could ever hope for. Matt, you are one-of-a kind and Nicole and Phil were lucky to have “found” you. This was just the first event of a long relationship we will have with you because there are still four more kids to get married!

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