Katie and Greg Pappianou – June 8th, 2008; The Westlake Village Inn


Three words come to mind when thinking about this wonderful couple.  Family, Fun, and…Fight On!

Guess where Katie went to school?

I met Katie, Greg, and Katie’s family through my friend Emily (thanks again, Emily!), as Emily’s sister went to school with Katie’s brother.

I remember sitting down in their family room and meeting everyone (including their dog, Liz), and that all of us couldn’t stop smiling and laughing!  I could tell right away that both of them had great families, and that’s an important ingredient for a successful wedding celebration.

They told me they were looking for a fun and traditional wedding with some personalized touches, but not a DJ who plays offensive music…or someone who would embarrass and upstage Katie (and Greg).  Since I don’t make it a habit to be a game show host, we had a match!

Katie and Greg both lived out of town, but staying in touch for our planning was fun, as Katie and I competed to see who was more organized (I think we tied).

I also want to thank Katie and Greg again, because before they even had their wedding, Katie referred me to one of her USC roommates, Kate, who was getting married to Matt (not me) on January 5th, 2008 (please see my previous post).  So I actually ended up performing at Matt and Kate’s wedding first, in front of Katie, Greg, and Katie’s parents….hey, no pressure!

In May, we met again to finalize their wedding program, and it was another fun time.  Katie’s parents are wonderful people with a great sense of humor, and before we knew it, June 8th had arrived.

Their ceremony at the Tuscan Garden site was both beautiful and meaningful.  But, what was this?  At the end of their ceremony, their guests remained seated as the wedding party walked out first, then Greg’s groomsmen stood at attention at the back.  Only then did Pastor Johnsen announce “Mr. And Mrs. Katie and Greg Pappianou!”, and as I played their recessional music, applause filled the air as they exited underneath an arch of swords!  Very official looking and dignified.

Everyone enjoyed cocktails as Michael Buble, Jack Johnson, Norah Jones, and Nat King Cole crooned in the background, and after recognizing their grandparents, parents, and wedding party with a personalized entrance, Ensign and Mrs. Greg Pappianou took the dance floor to “Young At Heart” by Frank Sinatra.


After dinner, everyone went to an adjoining room where the bar and dance floor were open!  How can I describe the rest of the evening?  Take a look:



One of the many dance highlights of the evening was “Shout!” Picture 60-70 people on the dance floor all jumping up and down at the same time…in a ballroom that’s on the second floor.  I hope they didn’t cause any permanent damage to the building!

Another unforgettable moment was when Katie surprised her Uncle Warren by inviting him to dance with her to “All I Want Is You”…no, not the U2 song…the one by Barry Louis Polisar.  That made his night!

Later on, Katie invited her sorority sisters to the dance floor and they sang a few songs together!


Then, (to the horror of any UCLA alumni that were in attendance), the “USC Fight Song” was cranked up, and the dance floor was full for the rest of the night.

Since their entire group was young at heart, there was still a big group of people that were invited out to the lobby for the big sendoff!

Katie and Greg, Larry and Wendy, thanks for everything, and I hope you had as much fun as I did.


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