Erin Loves Aaron – October 25th, 2008; The U.S. Grant Hotel

All Photo Credits:  Andre Niesing Photography – 949-395-5997


“Have Faith, Have Trust.”

Erin and Aaron Steed were at Darla and Jeremy Hoffman’s wedding back in June, 2008, and Erin (yes, it was a little confusing and funny with their names…) was one of Darla’s bridesmaids.

They had almost given up on their DJ search, but after Darla and Jeremy’s wedding, Erin called me.  We had a match and were ready to have some fun!

I should back up here for a moment, and say that their wedding location, the U.S. Grant hotel in San Diego, is a special place for them as they had a special Valentine’s Day dinner there (And I’m sure they’ll have future anniversary dinners there, too).  Luckily, logistically things worked out, as I grew up in San Diego, and I was able to visit family and stay the weekend.

The one word that kept coming up during our planning meeting and follow up contact (we both love our email!) was, “cinematic.”  Erin knew what she wanted (and their reception was in the “celestial ballroom”), so we picked out some movie themes and other “sparkling” selections that would enhance the “enchanted winter forest feeling” she was looking for.


As I got to know Aaron and Erin, I knew this was going to be a fun wedding, and I was also impressed by their business resume.  If you ever need a moving company in the tri-county area, you’ve got to hire a “meathead!”  Aaron and his brother, Evan, built Meathead Movers from the ground up, and they’ve got quite an operation going.


Everyone was off to San Diego, and since I was providing their ceremony music and sound, I also attended their ceremony rehearsal and dinner.  It was great to meet everyone, and we also finalized which version of “Ave Maria” Erin’s friend, Sophia, would be singing.

There were several highlights during their rehearsal dinner.  The first was getting to chat with Darla and Jeremy, again.  The second was they had their friend tape their actual proposal, which happened on an Ocean Bluff up at Shell beach.  After they showed that, I don’t think anyone didn’t have tears in their eyes, or at least a lump in their throat.  It was sooooo cinematic!  Later on, there were many personalized and entertaining toasts between Erin and Aaron and their wedding party.

The ceremony was amazing, and Aaron is this strong wrestler type of guy, but you should have seen his face when Erin began walking down the aisle.


The fun continued with a lively cocktail hour, and then we had Erin’s cinematic wintry music playing for the grand reveal of the ballroom and their entrance.  WOW!


After the wedding party danced their way up front…


…and dinner was underway, Aaron’s brother gave a toast I’ll never forget.  You see, Evan is also solidly built, and when he began, he was at a loss for words.  Suddenly, Enya’s “Only Time” started playing, and Evan expressed his feelings through a special, one of a kind, “interpretative dance.”


He brought the house down!

After an amazing personalized introduction before their first dance…


…the rest of the evening was sort of a blur, but I can’t forget James and Damiens’ groovy special dance routine…


…as everyone partied and danced until just after midnight.  The sing a longs to “American Pie” and “Sweet Caroline,” watching Aaron’s friends struggle to lift him up in a chair during the Hora, getting to play some great music from Erin’s play list, and the grand finale of “Kokomo” with all of their friends surrounding them arm in arm were just a few of the highlights.


Brings a smile to my face just thinking about their group!

Mr. And Mrs. Erin and Aaron Steed are now back from their honeymoon in Cancun, and catching up on business.  But I know that they’ll always make time for each other, even with their hectic schedules.

I heard a great quote from a recent wedding that was, “It doesn’t matter where you go in life, it’s who’s by your side that counts.”

Erin and Aaron, congratulations!

I know you love your “road trips,” and I know you have the right person by your side.


4 Responses to “Erin Loves Aaron – October 25th, 2008; The U.S. Grant Hotel”

  1. What a great couple. Looks like a great party.

    I hope all of Matt’s potential clients realize what a highly respected member of the DJ community he is. You’re lucky to have him in your area. Thanks Matt for being you!

  2. Matt!!! Love the blog! You are the best DJ in the WORLD~the majority of the special moments you see in these pictures were created by YOU! I highly recommend Matt to any bride who wants a magical, romantic, perfectly executed wedding. Matt’s attention to detail, kindness, enthusiasm, professionalism, and skill are unparalleled.

  3. This was a beautiful, wonderful, and fun wedding. Thanks so much for a great time!

  4. Yes! I love the way you write.

    I’ve been flirting with becoming a part of the WED Guild for years, and now with the immanent nationwide appearance of Peter’s book, I’m getting maybe 4-5 hours of sleep a night for almost a week, working on my application. (And I’m not even half done!)

    Once again, good, descriptive writing, and great photos too. Refreshing!

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